19 Jun

Today me and my whole family went outside into the backyard! There was interesting stuff to explore, like birds, water, grass, and flowers. Apple tried to eat a flower, then spit it out and said “Well that doesn’t taste like milk! Fang said flowers taste like milk!”

There was also a fence in the back. I asked Daisy if she wanted to come with me, but she said no. The little scaredy-cat. So I brought Toby instead. I was small anough to fit through a hole in the fence, but Toby was too big. So I had to go alone. I squeezed through the hole and walked into the other human backyard.

There was a pond with FISH! I walked over and tried fishing. I couldn’t catch any fish, but I did manage to fall in. When I climbed out, I was soaking wet. But I had a fish in my paws. But I wasn’t hungry. So I left the fish on land and went to explore some more. I found more flowers, grass, and birds. After trying to catch a bird, then climb to the top of the pole with the house at the top, I was too tired to do anything else. So I plopped down in the grass for a little nap.

No sooner had I closed my eyes when I felt something attack me. I sprang up and hissed at my opponent. But the other cat wasn’t hissing back. She was jumping around, smiling and purring.

“Hi! I’m Kali.” Suddenly she looked stunned. “You’re one of those kittens from the neighbors house! I heard Tessa had a new litter… Is she your Mama?”

I never knew my Mama’s name was Tessa, but I nodded.

Then the human came out of the house, started yelling, and picked me up and threw me over the fence. I really hurt, but it did hurt a little to walk. So I limped back to where Mama was. “Mama, I met a new cat named Kali. Is your name really Tessa?”

She smiled and nodded. Then she started licking my leg. That made it feel better.

That was enough exploring for today.

-Precious, Inside kitty

Hi, I’m Precious!

18 Jun

No, really, my name is Precious. I mean, I am precious, I guess, but it’s my name, too.

I live in a house with my brothers and sisters, mama, and wonderful humans. At least, they’re wonderful most of the time. Sometimes they just can’t understand what I want… I also live with a dog. An annoying, barking, always-happy dog. He’s annoying, but also fun to play with sometimes. If he doesn’t stomp on me. And it’s really easy for him to do that. His name is Scout.

I’m the runt of the litter. EVERYONE is bigger than me. Mama says I’m unique in that way, but I don’t like it. Not one bit. At least I’m bigger than the goldfish.

My brother, Fang, is always teasing me about that. “You’re tiny!” he says. “Even Daisy is bigger than you, and she’s really tiny!” I bet he thinks everyone’s tiny, because he’s the biggest cat of all of us. Besides Mama, of course.

Daisy is only a little bigger than me, so we get teased a lot. That’s why we’re best friends. And sisters. We get to spend all of our time together! Daisy is the shy one, and I’m the smart and brave one. Daisy is kinda… useless. But she knows some great hiding places for only the smallest cats, and that’s handy when Scout is after you. We’re the perfect team.

Toby is also kind of our friend. He’s our brother, too. Although he likes spending most of his time with the other boys. But we don’t really mind. After all, he is a boy himself. Although he tends to avoid Fang. Good choice, Toby. Don’t mess with Fang.

Anyway, that’s pretty much me and my family. I’ll write later.

– Precious, the amazing kitty